Welcome to the laboratory consultation

The priority areas of the Alliance will be addressed by “open coalitions of cooperation” bringing together interested companies ready to tackle these issues in the form of “laboratory meetings” in order to explore and to develop joint operational projects, in partnership with relevant experts and stakeholders and with the backing of the European Commission.’

(European Commission CSR White Paper: 22 March 2006)

Transparency and communication is one of the priority areas of the European Alliance for CSR. This laboratory, focused on developing a framework for improved company and investor dialogue on non-financial performance, is contributing to that priority area.

This website is part of the extensive stakeholder dialogue we are engaged in as one element of testing our framework, principles and recommendations for improved dialogue between companies and investors.

The laboratory intends finalising its proposals in October 2009. The research team published their final Research Report and associated papers at the EABIS Colloquium in Barcelona on 21 September 2009. We welcome feedback.

Who is the laboratory?